I’m sure at least some of you have heard of ORION: Prelude – that crazy, Tribes-like multiplayer shooter thingamajig that mixes terrifying playable dinosaurs with squishy playable humans. One other game immediately springs to mind that attempted to offer a similar deal, but failed miserably – Dino D-Day. We’re hoping ORION has a better go at the premise, and it’s certainly looking sharp, as you can see from the trailer below showing a bit of pre-alpha footage complete with some of the dinos and a whole lot of jetpacking.

Dinosaurs + jetpacks = automatic win. Just look at that T-Rex! Although it does seem like the players in control of the overgrown lizards might have a bit of a tough time chasing down all the jetpack-powered humies. If you’re interested, head on over here to register for the multiplayer beta. There’s also this: the developer’s official site, which includes a recap of recent development shenanigans.

Man, I love the announcer in this trailer. Extinction!

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