Activision’s lawyers win URL dispute, level up

“Your Lawyer has successfully completed the quest Dispute and has earned a total of 360XP. Your Lawyer is now level 36! Spend XP points in the Character Stats screen.”

Remember two months ago when all online traffic heading towards was redirected to EA’s page for Battlefield 3 instead? It was a glorious example of chronic internet trolling and pretty much the only example that Tarryn needs to point at to justify her column from this week.

Activision’s ninja lawyers took the matter to The National Arbitration Forum where all three arbitrators unanimously agreed that the URL’s owner, Anthony Abraham, was in the wrong. As such, ownership of the URL has been handed over to Activision. There are three pieces of criteria that need to be covered when it comes to URL ownership disputes, and in Activision’s case they won in all three areas.

In order for a URL to be taken away from one owner and given to the party filing the dispute, it needs to be proven that the original URL owner (in this case Abraham) has no real interest in the domain name, is using the domain name “in bad faith” and that the domain name is causing confusion. No surprise then that Activision won this dispute hands down.

The URL is currently offline, but it’s only a matter of time until it directs visitors to the official Modern Warfare homepage.

Source: Joystiq