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There’s this little RPG game coming out in November called The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It’s possibly a big deal.

Skyrim has a Collector’s Edition to eclipse all Collector’s Editions. It comes with a statue of Alduin the World Eater; the big dragon boss who is going to make your life a misery. When he’s not making your life a misery in the game, he’ll be making your bookshelf’s life a misery thanks to his sheer size.

The picture above is from the Bethesda blog and is the first glimpse of the packaging you can expect if you’ve pre-ordered the Skyrim Collector’s Edition. It’s huge, so you better be available to sign for the delivery in person; there’s no way a courier guy is going to be able to stuff that thing on your post box.

Source: Bethesda Blog

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