Hooray! We finally have a slightly more concrete release date for Rockstar Games’ Max Payne 3. Get ready to dive around in slow-motion, dodging bullets and head-shotting  Brazilian gangsters in March 2012.

Rockstar made this announcement today via their official website. Included with the date was confirmation that the game will feature a multiplayer mode – a first for the series. Multiplayer will pit players against each other on maps that “dynamically alter” as the game progresses. There will be a levelling system and unlock tiers included as well.

Fans of the original will naturally be more inclined to dive into the single-player portion of the game, which Rockstar has promised will be “expansive”. In Max Payne 3, Max has become a private security operative protecting a rich Brazilian family in Sao Paulo. After a gang threatens the life of the family, it’s up to Max to clear his name and fight for his life and that of his clients. Bullet-Time will obviously be making a return, but we knew that already. For an additional screenshot and what will hopefully be the box art, hit the jump.

Source: Rockstar

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