When the highly anticipated god-game From Dust finally made an appearance on PC, it wasn’t exactly the pleasurable experience people had been hoping for. Ubisoft had said that there would be no DRM, but then included it anyway. Your saved game files were never actually kept on your PC either, but were rather held hostage on the Ubisoft servers. All-in-all it was a cacophony of screw ups and bitch-slaps for legitimate customers.

Fortunately a patch has been issued via Steam that removes the requirement for a constant internet connection. The same patch also frees your saved game files from the Ubisoft gallows and returns them to their rightful place: your PC’s hard drive.

Sadly the patch doesn’t address the myriad problems that were sighted in the PC port of From Dust. There’s no mention of fixes for the lack of anti-aliasing, fixed frame rates or crummy resolution options. As soon as those get fixed then I might get around to picking up this game.

Sources: Rock, Paper, Shotgun & Destructoid

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