Good morning! Welcome to another fun filled day of work or studying. Seeing as how the vast majority of us begin the day procrastinating for a good half hour, why not use that time to kick back and ogle twenty minutes of Skyrim gameplay narrated by Todd Howard?

These clips (there are three in total) are all part of one demo playthrough. It looks as if it might be the same preview section that some people have managed to get their sweaty, lucky-as-hell paws on; so if you’ve read a couple of hands-on previews already, then a lot of this will let you put visuals to the words you’ve read.

There are no spoilers insofar as quests and such go so don’t worry. You can expect loads of menu and HUD explanations, a butt-load of combat and numerous encounters with dragons. Some parts of these clips have been glimpsed in other gameplay videos, but there’s a ton of new stuff here so grab a coffee and get comfortable. My favourite bit? Towards the end of Part 2 when a subtle rendition of The Elder Scrolls theme starts playing during a fight – goose bumps!

[youtube]5xwboyafbwc[/youtube] [youtube]d7WohnlLEQo[/youtube] [youtube]Kt7IeycKJKQ[/youtube]

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