There’s a new version of Microsoft Windows heading our way in the not too distant future. Mr. Xbox Live himself, Major Nelson, has revealed via his blog that Microsoft is integrating the Xbox Live service into Windows 8. Achievement Whoring for your Xbox 360 Gamertag  is about to become easier on PC.

This was rumoured some months ago, and confirmed at Microsoft’s Build developer’s conference yesterday (reported by Major Nelson). What this means is that Games For Windows Live is likely to be a thing of the past, as Microsoft has been demoing Windows 8 Xbox Live development tools to game developers during this Build conference.

The look of Windows 8 Xbox Live is very similar to the upcoming Xbox 360 Dashboard update, which makes the two systems match up nicely and seem more connected. Basically, whatever you can do on Xbox Live (Netflix, Friends Lists etc) you’ll be able to do on your Windows 8 PC. No mention of whether or not Xbox 360 games will be making the jump though.

Source: Major Nelson

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