Right this moment (well maybe not right this moment what with time differences and all) the annual Tokyo Game Show is in full swing! As one of the industry’s most important gaming shows (second to the likes of rAge – obviously) the Tokyo Game Show is Sony and Nintendo’s moment to shine and bring the big guns. And then point those big guns at each other. Maybe eye one another up and down while leering threateningly.

Sony held their pre-event press conference recently and dropped some interesting new pieces of information about the upcoming PlayStation Vita. The unit is shaping up to be something really special – Geoff and I both got time to fiddle with PSVs at the recent Gamescom expo in Germany and I’m pretty much sold on the little beasty.

A release date of 17 December 2011 has been set for the Japanese launch of the PSV, which will hit stores with a release line-up of more than two dozen titles. Gamers in the land of the rising sun can expect to fork out ¥29 980 (about R2 900) for the 3G version and ¥24 980 (R2 400) for the standard wifi model.

More news is that Final Fantasy X will be getting a special anniversary edition release on the PSV as will HD collections of Metal Gear and Zone of the Enders. On top of that, Sony has confirmed that “most” downloadable PSP games will work on the PSV as well. The company also mentioned that they are currently looking into options for those PSP owners who have stacks of games on UMD discs. While there is no concrete plan as yet, it’s rather comforting to hear that Sony is investigating options for those who want to carry across their PlayStation Portable library.

Insofar as battery life is concerned, the PSV will run for between three to five hours while playing games with the screen brightness on the default setting. Official Sony write-ups admitted that “the duration may change depending on the brightness of the screen, what content [is] being played and if the network (3G/Wi-Fi) feature is being used or not”.

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