What’s this? Did I miss something? The loading screens for Deus Ex: Human Revolution support advertising for real world products; I’ve never noticed them, which is odd seeing as a die a lot in this game.

The reason I haven’t noticed them is because it’s a new feature. The next time you gaze lovingly into the game’s loading screen, you might get greeted by a tiny banner advert reminding you that Star Wars is now on Blu-ray. There’s a screen-grab in the header image. Is this wrong? Should we be irritated by this considering we’ve, you know, paid to play this game? If it was a free-to-play game then sure, no problem, but we’ve forked out money to get our augmented, cyberpunk badass on.

It’s worth noting that the game has advertising in the game world as well, but those seem more suited to the actual environments you find yourself in. Glowing billboards for Coke in the streets of Hengsha are fine, as they add to the immersion factor to a certain extent. But banners in the loading screens as well?

Source: Joystiq

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