Back in June, it was revealed that the upcoming Anniversary Edition of Halo: Combat Evolved would be getting Kinect support. Exactly what the motion-sensing peripheral will be used for was accidentally revealed at the Tokyo Game Show.

The phenomenal cosmic power of Kinect will be used to control swapping between the original version of Halo and the updated version, only you’ll get to do that with your voice. I know: mind blowing, isn’t it? It’s as if Microsoft has inserted a clause into its Xbox 360 licensing agreement that says “you have to shoe-horn at least one Kinect feature into your game, even if it’s just so you can wave at the Grunts in Halo.” Actually, now that I think of it, waving at the Grunts in the Anniversary Edition of Halo would have been infinitely more exciting.

Fortunately, according to the game’s franchise development director Frank O’Connor, there are a few more Kinect features that 343 Industries is yet to talk about. He also admitted that the only reason we know about this feature is because somebody accidentally said the words “Classic” and “Remastered” during a live presentation at TGS.

According to O’Connor: “There is some other functionality that we haven’t talked about that is not core to the gameplay per se, but it is germane to the story and fiction fans will probably really enjoy that feature — and it’s a little bit more advanced than just voice functionality. We’ll talk about it later, sometime in October probably, but we don’t want to oversell it. It’s not something that radically changes the gameplay; it’s just another additive bonus on top of the other stuff we’ve added.”

Source: 1Up

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