Man, this is getting old. I’m just going to start writing a billion of these “GTA made me do it” articles to keep on hand. I’ll write about GTA style rampages in different settings involving different people (ex-cops, school kids etc) and then, when they actually happen in real life, I’ll have the news article ready to go. It’ll be like journalism’s answer to Minority Report.

In this latest real-life GTA rampage, twenty-three year old Ryan Donovan used a SA80 assault rifle against his fellow officers onboard a (wait for it) submarine. He shot and killed Lieutenant Commander Ian Molyneux at point-blank range. He also shot and wounded another Lieutenant Commander. He was eventually tackled and subdued by two members of a group that was being given a tour of the docked submarine.

Donovan had reportedly been drinking heavily the night before his shooting spree. He had told friends that he was about to commit a “Grand Theft Auto style massacre” prior to his violent actions.

This all took place in April this year but has been reported in the UK’s Metro newspaper because Donovan’s court proceedings have been concluded; he’s getting 25 years in prison. The GTA references came up during the court case, and we all know that no newspaper can resist running stories that blame GTA for people’s mental instability.

According to prosecutor Nigel Lickley, Donovan “started talking about the video game Grand Theft Auto, where you start a massacre and rack up points by killing”. He later described the murderer as somebody who had been in “a dream and they were doing this almost like in a video game”.

Source: Metro Online
Via: Eurogamer

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