Telkom Do Gaming have teamed up with EA and Alienware at rAge to bring you 24-player Battlefield 3 madness.

24 PCs will be setup at the Telkom stand with BF3 code installed on each of them for players to try the game out.

Telkom Do Gaming will also be exhibiting at the rAge expo and will have exclusive playable Battlefield 3 preview code, courtesy of EA, prior to the game’s launch in November.

The Telkom Do Gaming stand will feature high-end PCs from the Dell’s Alienware range of gaming PCs, giving gamers the best possible experience of Battlefield 3.

This will be the first chance for South African gamers to play Battlefield 3 prior to Telkom Do Gaming’s Battlefield 3 tournaments, which will kick off after the game’s launch at the end of the year and the Telkom Do Gaming Online League for Battlefield 3 which begins in early 2012.

Telkom Do Gaming can also confirm a R50 000 prize pool for the Battlefield 3 tournament which will take place at the 2012 Telkom Do Gaming LAN Championships.

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