Can you hear that? That is the sound of a trillion mouse-clicks and the coupled screams of slaughtered demons. Wait, you can’t hear that? Oh, that’s awkward; you obviously didn’t sign up for the Diablo III closed beta, which is happening right now. So while you sit in your office cubicle reading websites while you should be working like a contributing member of society, other people are playing Diablo III. I know right, it’s infuriating.

Don’t be too glum, because Blizzard has only just started sending out the beta invites. If you have signed up, then log in to your account and hit the “Account” link on your profile. If you’ve received an invite you’ll see a link to download the Diablo III beta. It’s about 2.7gigs and gives you access to all five classes and a portion of Act I. If the option to download the beta isn’t there but you have signed up, then sit tight because your invite might arrive soon.

The other good news is that if the beta has finally started, then Blizzard must be getting really close to releasing the game. When it comes to World of Warcraft beta tests, once the testing is over there’s about a month until the final product releases. If this time frame is applied to Diablo III as well, then it’s highly likely we’ll be playing the game by Christmas; and nothing celebrates the birth of Jesus quite like slaughtering waves of hellspawn.

Source: Kotaku

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