Oh boy, Rovio is just not content with 250 million downloads of their obscenely popular time waster, Angry Birds. They’ve already started looking at bringing the game into the real world with something dubbed “Angry Birds Magic”, but now they’re bringing the game to the massive crowds of people that you’d traditionally find in sports stadiums.

Together with a Finnish company called Uplause, Rovio will be bringing Angry Birds to the Singapore racetrack this weekend for the Formula 1. Using voice-control wizardry, crowds will get to play Angry Birds on giant screens near the stands. While we’ll have to wait until the weekend to see how the whole thing works, it seems as if the shouts from the crowds will launch the birds out of the slingshot.

If all works out in Singapore this weekend, then Rovio and Uplause have plans to bring Angry Birds to all manner of sporting events and concerts. Perhaps in the near future, wherever there’s a massive crowd, there’ll be horrible porta-loos and voice controlled Angry Birds.

Source: Reuters
Via: Kotaku

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