Well, you can if you’re on PC (you see, console gamers, the Glorious Master Race™ gets these things called “mods” that alter games in a myriad ways) and if you have a graphics card manufactured by nVidia. And by “un-bling” I mean you can download a mod that removes the gold filter that permeates every single area in Deus Ex: Human Revolution – even the Collector’s Edition boxart is gold-blinged to the max… yoh.

Some clever modding community called ENBSeries has released a mod that completely removes the gold filter from the game. Things suddenly look very un-Deus-Exy. I’m not sure whether I’m a fan of removing the game’s trademark visual effect, but I know there have been disgruntled murmurs from all corners of the interwebs bemoaning the prolific sprinkling of gold colouring in the game.

You can download the minute mod file here – it’s only 155KB big. On top of removing the gold filter, the mod also improves the lighting and smoke effects in the game. Be warned, however, that it requires a pretty beefy PC so if you’re just scraping the minimum system requirements for Deus Ex: Human Revolution, then I wouldn’t bother.

Hit the jump to see the header image as it would appear with the mod applied. SPOILER: there’s no gold!

Source: PC Gamer

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