BioWare’s years in development MMORPG, Star Wars: The Old Republic is poised to be a big deal. EA has thrown millions of dollars at the project and it’s hoped that people will be playing the game for well over a decade.

The game went up for pre-order a few weeks ago, but now there’s a release date to go along with it. Hoping to cash-in on the Christmas present frenzy, EA has announced that the game will launch on 20 December in North America and 22 December in European locations.

Insofar as subscription fees go, Star Wars: TOR will adopt that traditional monthly fee that seems to be going the way of the dodo for most online games. Each copy of the game will ship with a 30 days subscription but once that’s over you’ll need to pay in order to continue.

A one month subscription will cost $14.99 or €12.99, which equates to just less than R150. A three month subscription goes for $13.99 per month but is sold at a once off charge of $41.97 or €35.97, which is just over R350. Finally, a six month subscription will set you back $12.99 a month at a once-off fee of $77.94 or €65.94, which is about R650.

Considering a 60 day pass for World of Warcraft works out to R209 from certain online retailers, The Old Republic is looking a little pricy. Here’s hoping we’ll get some local, official pricing that’s a little lower, but in the meantime you can estimate your monthly costs as being about R150.

Source: Kotaku

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