Because if you head onto the American Xbox Live, you’ll see it listed there for the amount of  4294967295 MS Points. That equates to exactly $53 687 091.19 or over R400 million.

What the hell is going on? Well, the beta is set to launch today, on 29 September 2011. It’s the 29th in SA, but it has only just become the 29th in other parts of the world, so this price listing is a deterrent against people downloading it before the 29th hits on their side of the world. Or something.

The beta should be available to all and sundry soon, but if you can’t stomach the download size and you’d rather test the game out with a bunch of people nearby, then you better get you little gaming butt down to rAge this weekend where you can play Battlefield 3 on shiny, high-end PCs.

Source: Kotaku

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