Team Bondi is officially dead

The Sydney based development team behind the commercially successful LA Noire has officially entered liquidation and will soon be a company of the past. This is according to forms submitted to the Australian Securities And Investments Commission.

While LA Noire didn’t dominate in the review scores, it did enjoy success in many countries around the world. However, soon after its release, Team Bondi kept finding itself in the news for all the wrong reasons as staff members accused company head Brendan McNamara of excessive crunch times and no remuneration for overtime hours.

The confrontations got so bad that Team Bondi’s publisher, Rockstar Games, reportedly let the dev team go and will not be publishing any of their future titles – not that that matters any longer. McNamara sold Team Bondi to an Australian film company KMM, after which his employees were told to accept a new job with the new owners or accept severance pay.

Source: EDGE