You will be able to use a PlayStation Vita as a PlayStation 3 controller. That’s currently what Sony is working on, and while it isn’t finalised and ready to roll out, it’s a definite shot aimed at Nintendo’s Wii U.

At this year’s Tokyo Game Show, Sony showed off game streaming between the PS3 and the PSV; Killzone 3 was run on a PS3 unit and streamed to a PSV where it was fully playable. This feature is nothing new to PSP owners, but it’s become somewhat more practical thanks to that second analogue stick.

Now, however, Sony means to turn the PSV into an additional PS3 controller so that it can be utilised in the exact same way that the Wii U’s new touchscreen controller is. According to Andriasang, Sony is looking into giving this option over to developers so that the extra PSV touchscreen functionality can be incorporated into future PS3 games. Add in a couple of Move controllers and you’ve got yourself a Wii U, just without the inevitable Zelda and Mario games.

Sony and Microsoft scrambled to follow Nintendo’s suit with the success of motion-controlled gaming brought about by the original Wii. It seems now, however, that Sony is not content to follow Nintendo’s lead and is planning on ensuring that their current console can do everything Nintendo’s next console can.

Sources: Destructoid & Andriasang

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