It’s been rumoured for months but has finally been confirmed thanks to Australian gaming magazine PC PowerPlay: Mass Effect 3 will feature multiplayer.

The news hit the internet when PC PowerPlay’s website posted an article on their upcoming November issue of their magazine. The issue features Shepard and co on the cover with a tagline that reads: “Fight alongside your friends as the galaxy goes to war!”

It all sounds totally legit as the guys behind the magazine spent time with BioWare at their HQ in Edmonton. There they got to chat to Series Producer and Project Director Casey Hudson about how multiplayer will be implemented.

Unfortunately there are no details as to how multiplayer will work, but this will be revealed when the magazine launches its November issue (or before then if some other news outlet divulges the information first).

The internet has responded as expected with cries of anguish and expletives aimed at series developer BioWare. The reaction might be a little premature as we have no idea how online play is being implemented anyway. What’s more, we’ve seen Mass Effect 3 in action already and the single-player definitely looks as good as ever, if not better.

Source: PC PowerPlay
Via: Eurogamer

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