Yikes! PSV games might be pretty pricy

Don’t get too twitchy about this because so far the only thing we’ve got to go on is a Japanese price for Uncharted: Golden Abyss, which has been pegged at ¥5 980. This is the first official PSV game price for any territory. At this moment in time that price equates to US$78 or R620.

While we’ll have to wait and see what our official pricing does, these early estimates have a knack for being somewhat accurate. Fortunately, Sony has opted to stick to a slightly lower pricing if you choose a digital download version from the PSN instead; this was the norm with PSP games as well. A digital copy will set you back ¥4 900 or just over R500.

When the PSV was first unveiled, Sony boasted that the unit was capable of AAA titles that had ordinarily only been seen on the PlayStation 3. It looks like the pricing has made the hop as well. Not that this will dissuade many people who are planning on buying a Vita anyway. I know I’m buying the s**t out of one – pretty much just for Golden Abyss and that portable BioShock we keep hearing nothing about.

Source: Joystiq