Zynga launches its own distribution platform

You know Zynga; they’re that software company that peddles digital heroine! Of course they don’t call it digital heroine because that wouldn’t lure in nearly enough people. Instead they give their drugs innocuous names like FarmVille and CityVille. They’ve just introduced a new concoction aimed at MMORPG addicts; it’s called CastleVille. Be afraid.

Not content to push their products on the street corners of Facebook and the like, Zynga has decided to build a megalopolis where they’re free to push all the games they want; where they’re free to do so by their rules, not Facebook’s. They should totally call it Zynga Rapture, but they’re not.

It’s called Zynga Direct and you can think of it as a mash-up between Steam and Facebook. You’ll be able to connect with people to “create socialness about the games”. Does that word even exist? “Socialness”?

Naturally all of your Zynga fixes will be playable on the Zynga Direct client as well. No mention of a rehab program built into the software, but it’s still early days.

This doesn’t mean that Zynga is leaving Facebook for good – although that would probably be beneficial to human productivity the world over. You’ll still be able to play all your Zynga games on Facebook and the like, but this might be the start of an eventual Facebook exodus. For now, however, it just looks as if Zynga is paving the way for eventually going solo.

Source: Kotaku
Image: Dean Takahashi – VentureBeats