BioWare Pulse talks Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer


For those who didn’t know, BioWare Pulse is a TV show that brings you all sorts of BioWare related news. Their latest mini episode is all about the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer features that were outed earlier this week. The game’s Executive Producer, Casey Hudson, provides the rundown of what the game mode “Galaxy at War” is all about.

While I was initially ambivalent about multiplayer hitting Mass Effect, I’m now quite interested especially since it’s been revealed that you can play as many of the different races found throughout the game. Shepard will not be playable online, so you’ll have to create a multiplayer character on top of your single player Shepard. Along with three other buddies, you’ll be tackling missions that tie into your single player game, but are not essential for those of you who shun online interaction with other people.

Of course, the multiplayer modes will only be accessible through an Online Pass code that comes with all new copies of the game. For those picking up second hand copies, you know the Drell –uhh– drill. Sorry.