Ten minutes of awesome looking Syndicate gameplay


Recap! There’s a new Syndicate game coming; we all kind of knew a new one was on the cards but were taken off guard when EA and Starbreeze announced it would be an FPS. Naturally the hordes of Syndicate fans that had been frothing at the mouth for a new game were pissed. Wail, wail, gnash teeth, moan about how everything is an FPS these days.

Here’s the good news though: they’ve released this lovely looking ten minutes of gameplay in which a friendly chap talks about what’s going on during the playthrough. Bitch as much as you like about how this “should have been an isometric strategy game like it was in the mid-nineties”, but this game is looking good.

Those of you who loved Deus Ex: Human Revolution will want to keep an eye on this one.