Want to play as Catwoman in Arkham City? Buy new.

Yep, in a move to fling a batarang at the nuts of second-hand sales, publisher Warner Bros. Interactive has confirmed to Eurogamer that the single-player content, in which you get to control Catwoman, will only be available by entering a once-off activation code that comes with all new copies of the game. If you buy second-hand then you’ll have to pay extra in order to get another access code.

By now most people aren’t strangers to having to enter an activation code in order to unlock game content, but ordinarily those codes unlock the multiplayer portion of the game. This is one of the first instances where a publisher has locked away single-player content (that’s already on the disc!) behind a single-use activation code. When this tactic was first introduced, it was justified as a means to recover the costs of running multiplayer servers. Looks like that “argument” just bit the dust.

It’s an interesting move on behalf of Warner Bros. Throughout the development process of Batman: Arkham City, Catwoman has been dangled in front of us as a playable character who will have missions that run alongside Batman’s. Suddenly whipping her away just before the game releases and locking her behind an activation code is a clever move. Hit the jump for pricing and the content that unlocks.

Those of you picking up second-hand copies of Arkham City will have to pay an additional 800MS Points or £7.99 (probably our R95 equivalent) on the PlayStation Network in order to unlock Catwoman. Once you do that you’ll access her four additional single-player missions, which occur during the game’s campaign. You’ll also unlock her as a playable character in the Challenge Mode game mode.

It’s important to note that you can still play the game from start to finish without playing as Catwoman, but who would want to do that after seeing her single-player gameplay videos? I’m sure this won’t be a major issue for many seeing as how you’re all buying this game new anyway. I mean come on, it’s Arkham City for crying out loud!

Source: Eurogamer