So, Rage huh? The PC version caused a bit of a poop-storm when it released and as such id has been scrambling to get updates out for the game as quickly as possible. The previous update added the basic graphic options to the game’s menu, something that probably should have been there to begin with.

A second update should be hitting Steam soon and this time id hopes to quell any irate bitching caused by blurry textures. PC gamers will know exactly what I’m, talking about: the textures in Rage (even after you’ve tweaked the settings provided in the previous update) look fantastic from far, but get up close and you’d swear you were playing the original Doom.

According to Carmack: “We have a bicubic-upsample+detail texture option for the next PC patch that will help alleviate the blurry textures in Rage”. Excellent news then; I love me some bicubic-upsampling! I like to spread it all over my bed and roll around in it. Just for the record, I’m playing Rage on PC and have had zero issues aside from some very minor texture pop-in. Oh yeah, and those icky, up close textures – looking forward to having those fixed.

Source: Videogamer

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