Batman: Arkham City launch trailer swoops in

Goose bumps! That’s what I had from start to finish during this trailer. The sequel to 2009’s ridiculously amazing Batman: Arkham Asylum lands this week Friday; how many of you will be donning black outfits and sharpening batarangs?

Publisher Warner Bros. Interactive has released the Arkham City launch trailer and it’s loaded (absolutely jam-packed!) with bad guys. Bats had better bring his A-game, which by extension means you had better bring your A-game because if not then Batman will totally judge your inability to control him properly. Nobody wants to be judged by Bats; his steely gaze would just totally awkward me out.

Batman: Arkham City arrives on consoles this Friday. For those wanting to swoop through the shadows on PC, you’ll have to wait just less than three weeks as the PC release has been pushed to 11 November.

UPDATE: I just received word that the PC release of Arkham City will only be hitting SA on 18 November. Double sulk.