The original Halo: Combat Evolved is getting an anniversary remake. Remakes and HD re-releases, in case you haven’t realised by now, are all the rage. Could somebody remake Dune II, please?

Anyway, Halo: Anniversary Edition was announced some time ago and it was mentioned that Kinect would be supported. Those Kinect features have since been unveiled at this year’s New York Comic Con. There’s nothing too fancy, but then again the game’s franchise development director said that the Kinect features weren’t something to be “hyper-excited” about.

We already knew about being able to switch between the original graphics and the HD graphics though a voice command, as this was accidentally revealed at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. On top of this, you’ll be able to point your reticule at various things in the game (enemies, weapons, vehicles etc) and say “analyse”. If you scan something that’s recognised, then a glossary entry will be added to a section of the game called The Library. Think of it as your own Halo Wiki, or something. Once in The Library, you’ll be able to navigate your scanned entries using hand gestures.

In an attempt to teach us explosive ventriloquism, you’ll be able to shout “grenade” to make Chief lob, you guessed it, a grenade. You can also shout “reload” instead of having to press the X button; that’s a real time-saver right there.

Hooray? Yeah, didn’t think so.

Source: Joystiq

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