Holy missing DLC codes Batman!

Publisher Warner Bros. Interactive dropped a bombshell a few days ago when they announced that the Catwoman missions of Arkham City would actually be reserved for first-time purchasers. It’s that whole one-use activation code thing only this time, instead of getting access to the online portion of the game, you get access to a set of single-player missions that until now we were all led to believe was part of the game to begin with. If you buy the game second hand, then you’ll need to fork over an extra sum of money in order to access the Catwoman missions.

This is all of course assuming that your shiny new copy of Batman: Arkham City actually arrives with the Catwoman DLC codes at all. Over on the Warner Bros. forums, people are reporting that the slip of card with the DLC code on it is missing from their game box; others are saying that they have the slip of the paper, but it’s completely blank where the code is normally printed.

Shortly after this was made public, Warner Bros. tweeted that they were aware of the issue and were figuring out a work around for those affected. They’ve assured everyone with missing DLC codes that they will get their game content, but for now they just need to be patient. Hopefully we won’t have the same issues in South Africa this coming Friday.

Soucre: Joystiq