PlayStation Vita has a Western release date

Sony’s new handheld wunderkind hits the land of the rising sun in a matter of weeks; 17 December is the day Japanese gamers will get their paws on the device and its launch line-up of games that include Uncharted: Golden Abyss. In fact, there is a metric ton of games heading towards the unit; here’s a partial list to whet your appetite.

The good news is that the rest of the world will only have to wait about three months before the PSV hits shores. Diarise 22 February 2012 as that’s when North America, Canada, Latin America, Australia and Europe will be getting Sony’s new toy. Seeing as we in South Africa fall into the European bracket when it comes to releases, it’s likely we’ll get it around that time as well.

Now as an added bonus for reading this far, and because we’ve already mentioned Sony, PlayStation and Uncharted in the same article, hit the jump to watch Harrison Ford playing Uncharted 3. No really, it’s a 15 second Japanese TV advert that probably cost Sony a gajillion yen in actor fees. It makes total sense though seeing as how Nathan Drake is pretty much this generation’s Indiana Jones.