Rumour: Doom 4 “indefinitely postponed”

Let’s all pray that this remains a rumour without an ounce of substance behind it, because it’s bad news for both id and their fans if not. According to Kotaku, a source with ties to Bethesda and owner company Zenimax has revealed that it was recently decided at a company meeting that id’s years in development Doom 4 should be “indefinitely postponed”.

Why is this (rumoured to be) happening? According to the same source, Bethesda is not happy with “the issues and reviews” that Rage received over the last few weeks. If Metacritic numbers hold any weight for you, then the PC version of Rage is sitting with an average of 79, while the PS3 has the highest with 83.

Apparently the technical issues that have plagued the PC launch of Rage have resulted in a lot more than gamers being unable to play the game. The rather tumultuous launch of the much anticipated id shooter has given Bethesda “a serious lack of confidence in the project management at id”. Doom 4 is supposed to be using the id Tech 5 engine as well.

Source: Kotaku