Super Mario 3D Land – now packing Australian weaponry

Super Mario 3D Land is heading to 3DS consoles next month, meaning that no matter what platform you play games on, there’s something for everyone in November. It also means that for people with multiple platforms, you’re screwed financially. Start priming friends and family;their Christmas presents from you are going to be crap this year.

To celebrate the impending financial collapse of gamers everywhere, let’s watch Nintendo’s number one mascot’s new game. It introduces you to a brand new Mario: Boomerang Mario! At last, those bastard turtles that have been throwing curved deathsticks at you since the nineties are going to be getting a taste of their own medicine.

We’ve also got a plot spoiler for you: Bowser kidnaps Princess Peach and Mario is the only one who can save her! But seriously, this looks like a ton of fun and has got me thinking about picking up a 3DS all over again.

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