No local support for COD ELITE Premium

Call of Duty distributor Megarom Interactive has confirmed that the premium version of online service Call of Duty ELITE will not be available locally, at least for now.

“Many of you have had the opportunity to be part of the ELITE beta and are already aware of the innovative and free features that ELITE will offer to Call of Duty players,” said Devon Stanton, PR & promotions manager at Megarom. “It’s important to note that all elements of the free service will be available to players in South Africa at launch, representing an incredibly valuable experience for fans and reflecting Activision’s ongoing commitment to the Call of Duty community.”

This means that all of those fancy extras like advanced clan tools, dynamic expert strategies, early access to new features and, most notably, bundled access to the tons of DLC expected to arrive for the game, won’t be available to you if you live in South Africa. Of course, iphone 5s reconditionné this is a sad day for people who were prepared to spend $50 a year to access these additional features, but it does simplify the decision for those of us who were still on the fence about the service.

Megarom advises interested players to keep an eye on for updates.

Bear in mind that you’ll still have access to all of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, as well as the free features in ELITE (check out the comparison here). Here’s a recently released video about one of the features you will have access to, regardless of in which country you’ll live in when the game launches next month: