Pre-order customers of Saint’s Row: The Third or Red Faction: Armageddon can, at this very moment, log into their accounts at and get stuck into creating their very own monstrous creations for use in Saint’s Row: The Third when it releases. The Initiation Station gives you full access to the character creation system used in the game, so you can create a fat, balding Incredible Hulk, or a Don Draper with fishnet stockings, or a Mad Max with metallic skin. How exciting!

Those people who didn’t pre-order will be able to get stuck in with the Initiation Station from November the 1st through Steam, PSN or XBL. Then, when the game launches, you’ll have the chance to download everyone else’s remarkable creations and use them in-game.

Check out the video below for a look at the Initiation Station as well as two (fully-clothed) Penthouse models talking about it.



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