Australian R18+ rating still years away

It turns out that the long overdue R18+ rating for games in Australia is still “another couple of years” away. This despite all of the Attorney-Generals agreeing to the amendment a few months ago.

In order for the motion to actually come into play, Australian Classification Branch Manager of Applications David Emery said that the changes need to go to parliament. Once parliament is done with the changes, the new rating needs to be written into law for each Australian state.

Obviously this is going to take a while because it seems that everything that’s government related takes eons, even in countries other than our own. Hell, Auzzie gamers have lasted this long without the rating, so what’s an additional couple of years?

In related news: due to the lack of an R18+ rating in Australia, Skyrim has had to be edited across the globe. Dragons as mounts have been removed from the game because the Australian Classification Board deemed dragon riding as “too awesome for the Australian population”. They thereby denied it classification and Bethesda has been forced to remove dragon mounts from the game for versions across all territories. Thanks for nothing, Australia.*

Source: Joystiq

*None of this is true; I’m just being a facetious asshole to illustrate a point.