Hey Indie fans, keep an eye on this

I’ve been watching this game’s progress for some time now, and the more I see of it the more intriguing it becomes. It’s called Tiny & Big and it’s being developed by a team called Black Pants Game Studio. The game mixes puzzle solving with platforming and loads of physics. You can also cut up the landscape with a giant laser. Want!

You play the role of a little, cell-shaded guy called Tiny. He’s on a mission to reclaim his grandfather’s lost pants. To do so he’ll need to slice up the terrain, move giant boulders with rockets and drag stuff around with a grappling hook. These three tools will be your best friends throughout this episodic indie gem.

The game is due out in early 2012 on PC, MAC and Linux rigs. The latest trailer is bellow, and if you want to give the game a whirl then hit up the official website and grab a copy of the beta demo.