We won’t hold hands or anything, just hang out platonically and watch the new co-op trailer. Cool?

Deep Silver and Electronic Arts have put together this trailer for the four-player co-operative mode in next year’s Syndicate reboot. You see, the co-op mode is for four people because in the original Syndicate game, you were in control of four syndicate agents. The separate, multiplayer co-op missions are based on objectives that were found in some of the missions from the original game as well, so there’s supposed to be a whole lot of hat-tipping and attempts at nostalgia going on here.

It failed on me! Want to know why? Well, despite the fact that the multiplayer does look like a butt-load of fun to play, it didn’t make me think of the original Syndicate at all – at least not initially. What did make me think of the original, and get a little misty-eyed while doing so, was the music towards the end of the trailer. It’s the original Syndicate music! Only revamped about a bajillion times. Still, I got a little goose bumpy.

Well played, Syndicate music remixer… well played indeed.


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