For completion’s sake, here’s the GTA V trailer


The odds of you not having seen this by now are slim, unless you actually have a life outside of gaming and you were doing something last night with, you know, real people. Incidentally, I was sitting poised on Rockstar’s website, watching the last few seconds of the countdown clock tick away so I could hit the play button as soon as possible. You can guess which category I fall into!

So we’re heading back to Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V. That’s a great thing, right? The trailer doesn’t show us who our playable character is, or if it does, then it doesn’t point him out. Rumour has it this GTA game will allow us to play as multiple characters.

You can get the vibe that Rockstar is aiming for in this fifth instalment. There are a lot of signs of poverty in the trailer which indicates this could be drawing on the recent recession and America’s current economic state. There is a bunch of other cool things to notice like fighter jets, mountain forests and even a dog right at the start. If that’s not just a cutscene, then PETA is going to LOVE this game!