Stop! Before we begin, let’s point out the obvious here so there are no tears: the video clip below is a SPOILER FOR MODERN WARFARE 3. So for obvious reasons, unless you couldn’t care less about the game’s single-player campaign, do not watch the clip.

To be fair, it shows about a minute of the campaign and doesn’t reveal plot twists or anything, so it’s not that big of a deal if you watch it. Bottom line, however, is that people are beginning to point to this scene as Modern Warfare 3’s “No Russian” equivalent. The difference, however, is that it’s a cutscene and you’re merely watching it, not driving it.

In the “No Russian” level from Modern Warfare 2, you were given the option to partake in a massacre at an airport, where you and a group of armed men gunned down innocent civilians. Clearly including controversial elements in the Modern Warfare games is now a prerequisite for the developers. Is this controversial? Is this a (brewing) storm in a teacup? I guess we’ll find out once Fox News pipes up.


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