Mark 10 December 2011 on your calendars

Why? Well because that’s when the internet will implode with more game reveals when the Spike TV Videogame Awards are held. The annual award ceremony is still more than a month away, but voting for the Game Of The Year has already started. The nominees include Skyrim, Arkham City, Skyward Sword, Portal 2 and Uncharted 3. You can vote for the game of your choice by heading to the VGA’s homepage.

The other exciting news is that three game reveals have been announced for the awards ceremony. Hideo Kajima will be there in person to reveal Metal Gear Solid: Rising properly. Even though we’ve already seen it, he says he’ll reveal “the truth” about the game. Ooh! Intrigue!

What’s might be more exciting for others is that BioWare will be there to reveal a brand new intellectual property developed by the team behind Mass Effect. On top of that a new Alan Wake game will be revealed, but Xbox Live’s Major Nelson has explained that this is not Alan Wake 2 but rather a separate game that will be a downloadable title off Xbox Live. That’s still cool, right? I mean, it’s more Alan Wake!

Source: Kotaku