If you frequent the Steam forums, then it’s likely today has been a longer day than usual. That’s because your source of regular procrastination is apparently “offline for maintenance”. This happened sometime last night, but it looks as if that maintenance is in response to the forums getting hacked.

A game hacking website known as FknOwned.com (man, what’s with the crappy names these hacking types come up with?) managed, according to various Steam Forum members, to gain control of the forums and use the massive online community for a spot of gorilla marketing. They showed up, took control, spammed the crap out of the front page, and then got kicked in the nuts by Steam Forums’ admin.

Some users have reported receiving spam emails with the same text as that of the adverts placed on the Steam Forums’ main page. The adverts basically told users to head over to FknOwned.com to gain access to all sorts of cheats, hacks and trainers. At this moment Valve has yet to respond, but it’s worth pointing out that it’s not likely the hackers were able to gain Steam account log-ins. Unless of course you use the same email and password for the Steam Forums, in which case… yeah, keep an eye on things.

Source: Eurogamer

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