Did you know that Activision’s latest entry (number forty-seven, I think… I’ve lost count) into the Call of Duty franchise is right around the corner? It is, and you can tell that because their marketing department has dialled their media bombardment all the way up to Ludicrous Speed. I know, it’s crazy – the Activision marketing department has never gone that fast before and nobody knows whether their offices can take it. Are these Space Balls references doing anything for you?

Anyway, here’s a live action trailer that uses the same marketing tagline “There’s a soldier in all of us”. Last time we saw that quote was when, this time last year? Man, it seems like forever.

Give it a watch, it’s really funny, which is probably due to the fact that it has Jonah Hill as “the n00b” in it. Hill receives a schooling in all things combat related from Hollywood’s current soldier badass Sam Worthington (you might not recognise him without all his blue fur).


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