And the Mass Effect 3 leaks keep on coming

It turns out that that Mass Effect 3 beta leak from a few days ago is really playing havoc with BioWare’s secrecy about the project. Apparently the beta files have been data mined and deep within the dank, dark recesses of the trillions of lines of code, somebody found the story files for the game.

A Russian fanite called got hold of these story files and has since uploaded them for people to check out. Naturally, BioWare is concerned and the game’s producer, Jesse Houston, jumped onto the BioWare forums to warn fans. According to Houston: “We are still investigating, but it appears that some internal story files have been leaked. Even though the information in those files is out of date and does not reflect the final story experience, we urge fans not to read them if they want to experience the purest form of the story in Mass Effect 3.”

Out of date or not, there is no way anybody in their right mind should want to read those story files. Surely? I mean without the story to pull you through the game, what else is there? By now the potential of seeing digital boobs has pretty much lost its allure, so it’s all down to the story. Better not ruin that!

Source: BioWare Forum
Via: Eurogamer