Here’s the first screenshot for the next Alan Wake

A few days ago it was revealed that the next Alan Wake game would be a downloadable title off Xbox Live. It’ll be called Alan Wake: Night Springs and judging by the screenshot (and name!) you’ll be visiting the town of Night Springs in the game. Look closely and you’ll see a sign to the right of Alan – click for a larger view.

Why is Night Springs as a location significant? Well, for those who paid attention during their playthrough of the initial Alan Wake game, you’ll remember all those TVs that could be found throughout the levels. Each TV would show an episode of the series called Night Springs.

The TV shows were meant to be something akin to the Twilight Zone series, and centred on paranormal activity occurring in the fictional town of Night Springs. In every episode, the main protagonist would die, and there’d be a moral to the story.

What’s also worth remembering, since we’re being all speculative at the moment, is that Alan used to write some of the episodes of Night Springs before he became a published author. Considering all of the action that took place in Alan Wake was actually based on narrative that Alan himself had already written, it’s likely we’ll be experience a similar narrative structure in Alan Wake: Night Springs. There’s definitely a wealth of characters already in place thanks to the Night Springs television programs found in the first game.

Then, if you want to get extra speculative, it’s worth noting that the name Night Springs is the complete opposite of the name Bright Falls, which is the town where the events of the first Alan Wake are set. You can tell I’m a fan of this franchise, can’t you?

Source: Game Informer