One last sneak peak at Skyrim before launch

Today is Wednesday. That is particularly significant because it means we have just one more full day to get through, just two more nights to sleep through, until we get to plunge ourselves into Skyrim. Not sure about anyone else, but I’ve been counting the hours since the beginning of last week – man, I can’t wait!

Clearly the guys over at Bethesda realise they’ve created a quivering mass of hype and anticipation amongst gamers, so they’ve been drip-feeding us video clips, interviews and screenshots to keep us all from going cold turkey. Here’s what will likely be the last of those little hits before we get the mother load of dragon crack-cocaine on Friday.

In this official Bethesda trailer we get to see the places and people of Skyrim. You’ll also get to hear more variety in voice actors in this trailer than Oblivion had through its entire game. I’m a total fan of the Khajiit’s voice about half-way through the clip.