Ooh Bethesda, how tricksy of you. Yesterday we were all happy to call the “Places and People of Skyrim” clip the last sneak peak. Turns out we (actually, probably maybe just me) were totally wrong because now we have this new clip on the Animation of Skyrim. Not that anyone is complaining or anything.

On top of that, Wired.com recently had a chat with Skyrim director Todd Howard. Considering the sheer scope of the game it’s not surprising that new information continues to trickle out even as we enter the last twenty-four hours before the game’s worldwide release. In that interview Howard explained that, thanks to the new Radiant quest system, there are infinite side quests available for you.

Naturally what this means is that you have less than twenty-four hours to phone everyone you love to tell them that they’ll never see you again. Infinite quests in a Bethesda game? We are all so, so screwed. Hit the jump for the last trailer and details on how your social life is about to come crashing to a halt.

According to Howard, “the vibe of the game is that it’s something that you can play forever”. I’m not sure whether to be afraid or ecstatic. Because the Radiant quest system procedurally generates side quests for you depending on your character and areas explored, you’re never going to stop getting the tiny quests that fill the gaps between the main quest and full side quests. An example provided was an alchemist asking you to find ten flowers, and then purposefully sending you in a direction that you have yet to explore.

While infinite fetch quests might not be everyone’s bag, Howard insists that it’s the game world and lore that will make every minute quest an experience, which is something that’s been dubbed “environmental story telling”. So while you might head off to hunt bandits at the request of an innkeeper, you might find a ton of little stories, bits of lore, ruins and more while on that quest.

What’s more, once you’ve completed the faction quests like the Dark Brotherhood or Thieves Guild quest lines, you’ll be able to return to the faction headquarters to get infinite side quests. You’ll be able to pick up new targets for assassination or new items to swipe all depending on the vibe the particular faction is going for.

According to my Steam client, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will unlock in seventeen hours. My word, we’re so close. To help you through these final hours, let’s ogle the really quite incredible combat animation for the game.


Source: Wired.com

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