PS Vita’s Escape Plan is looking lovely


Debuted at this year’s Gamescom, Fun Bits Interactive’s Escape Plan focuses on two characters called Lil and Laarge. They look like they’re made out of balloons filled with black gunk. It’s up to you to guide them through a series of puzzles and traps without allowing them to splatter into a viscous, inky paste.

Making use of nearly every input option the PS Vita has available, Escape Plan looks set to offer the “alternative” gameplay experience that every new gaming platform has around its launch time. It’s got a good team working on it as well, with Fun Bits Interactive boasting a number of people from the dev team that brought you Fat Princess.

Check out the clip to see Matt Morton elaborate on their game. This comes straight from the PlayStation Blog so if you want more information then head that way when you’re done.

Source: PlayStation Blog