The upcoming Sony portable, the PlayStation Vita, is nearly out in Japan – 17 December marks the day. For us in the “European territories”, we’ll have to wait until 22 February 2012. Once Sony announced a new proprietary disk medium for the PSV, people started wondering what was going to happen to the pile of UMD games that they bought for their PSP.

Sony has since developed an amicable solution to said quandary: it involves downloading an App onto your PSP called “UMD Registration Application”. Once the free App is sitting pretty on your old PSP, you pop whichever UMD disc you want to transfer to your new PSV, and hit the “Register” button. This will then tie that specific UMD title to your PSN account.

Once your UMD has been tied to your PSN account, you’ll be able to download the digital version of the game at an “agreeable price”. This is obviously publisher specific and not all UMD games will see this digital version become available. At present, Sony Japan says that there are about 200 titles from 40 different publishers ready to be transferred to your PSV.

Insofar as pricing goes, that’ll range from title to title. For example: a digital version of your UMD of Colin McRae: DiRT 2 will set you back $13, or about R95.00 on the South African PSN. I suppose it’s a good compromise to avoid people lending their UMDs to everyone.

There’s no confirmation of this being offered to European customers, but we’d be really surprised if it was limited to just the Japanese and US releases of the handheld.

Source: Kotaku

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