Back in the April 2011 edition of NAG there was an article about a player who had been blocked from playing Dragon Age II thanks to his EA account being suspended through the BioWare forums. Because an EA account was required to play the game, he was left unable to log in to play thanks to the forum suspension. EA was quick to correct the problem and claimed that it was a system error on their behalf. They also said that they would fix the account problems within a week and that game accounts and forum accounts should never overlap.

We’re now in November, seven months later, and this is still happening to players. Unfortunately it seems to be getting worse rather than better and that’s largely thanks to Origin, EA’s new online distribution platform.

Website Rock, Paper, Shotgun has been keeping tabs on the situation and, thanks to reader input and first-hand accounts, has some serious horror stories to share.

The website points to three separate examples of players being locked out of their games thanks to forum bans for various issues. The one example is self-explanatory as the user was banned for 72 hours for talking about teabagging people. No surprise there. The other two examples are slightly more worrying.

One user was banned from the EA forums for posting a link to his blog that had an article aimed at helping people who were experiencing issues with networks and Battlefield 3. His blog is entirely private and has no commercial side at all; he was banned for posting “a commercial”. The irony is that other forum members had already linked to the exact same article. What’s even more ironic is that EA’s own FAQ links to the blog as well! What the hell EA?

Possibly the most alarming example was provided to Rock, Paper, Shotgun by a guy called James. James was initially banned for 72 hours for replying to somebody on the EA Forums who had used the term “e-peen”. James was not the person to start using the word in the thread, but was replying to somebody who was, and yet he was banned and locked out of his EA games for 72 hours. Or so he thought. A few days later he received an email telling him his account had been permanently locked due to a violation of the EA Forums EULA. That violation was the “e-peen” response.

According to the email James received:

“Please note that your account [email] has been permanently terminated from the Electronic Arts Online service for violating the terms of services. The account will no longer be accessible in any way, and all property, items, and characters associated currently are or will soon be deleted.”

Yikes. Starting to rethink my choice of platform for Mass Effect 3.

Source: Rock, Paper, Shotgun

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