One of the major draw cards for playing Bethesda RPGs on PC is the ton of user mods that inevitably explode onto the interwebs a few days after launch. Oh hey, it’s a few days after launch right now!

One Skyrim mod that is already turning heads is “Map in full 3D” by a modder called Mikanoshi. It takes the already impressive map from the game, and lets you zoom all the way to ground level. While the view is limited to whatever is rendered around the player’s current position, it is still a pretty damn awesome mod. You can see it in action in the clip below.

You can grab hold of the mod here, but while you’re there you should browse around to see what else you can find. I’m holding thumbs for somebody to make a mod that shuts the bloody companion dogs up; they seriously NEVER stop barking. Oh wait, that mod’s been made too!


Source: Skyrim Nexus

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